Parking Machines

All you need to know

Managing a parking space without the proper parking system is almost impossible, especially when your parking lot has a lot of visitors. Gone are the days when there were only a few cars on the road, and people would not mind standing in a long queue to obtain a parking ticket. Now, roads are busy, and motorists don’t want to experience any kind of inconvenience while leaving their vehicles in a parking space. Therefore, it has become necessary for parking owners to streamline their car parks so that customers will not mind revisiting their spaces. And that’s where smart parking solutions and systems come into the scene.
Parking Machines With ANPR System. A camera that pick car automatic plate number and send to db store when car exit saleperson pick the ticket and match car number.


Efficient Traffic Management

Accurate number plate recognition enables non-stop vehicle flow monitoring and reduced lag time at barrier controls for enhanced customer experience.

Site Security

Deter unauthorised vehicles from using your car park automatically by triggering penalty charge notices.

Real-time Usage Data

Reliable and effective usage and performance information is provided in the Smart Analytics Dashboard for data-driven decision making. An automated feed reports on occupancy, total vehicles in/out

Dynamic Occupancy

Manage integrations with marketing platforms and booking engines to automate the feed of occupancy and maximise revenue generated from your car park

RFID System

RADIO Frequency Identification (RFID) technology uses radio waves to identify people or objects. It is a device that reads information contained in a wireless device or “tag” from a distance without making any physical contact or requiring a line of sight.
Keypad PINs are often innocently shared. Radio transmitter signals can be sniffed and retransmitted. License plates and barcode tags of authorized vehicles can be simply photographed and inexpensively reproduced. None are secure and each is easily defeated. RFID is the most secure, most reliable, and most effective method to identify vehicles in a controlled-access environment.