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The automated valet is a new technology used for clients that require a bespoke and modern service, which reflects their vision of future operations. It solves the problems of the old and conventional valet, which has a manual registry system, is uncontrolled, prone to cash leakage, and is undocumented.

With our modern approach, we offer a true state of the art solution that is secure through its rigorous digital documentation system with a cash control mechanism providing full auditable reports.. Furthermore, the system is capable of recalling vehicles automatically through messaging the dispatch driver nearest to the parked location.

Lastly, and in addition to being a ticketless operation, the system provides a ticket validation feature, which allows you to collaborate with existing retailers in order to provide a better customer experience.

Valet Parking Service is a premium product for high value clienteles demanding convenience and time saving. Hence, the slogan ‘Park your worries here’.

Windsor Parking provides drivers who are:

Trained and licensed

High Standards of Personal Hygiene

Additionally, our service is:

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Full Employer & Public Liability

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